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KS3 Assessment - Years 7 and 8

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With the removal of a national framework for assessment (i.e. national curriculum levels), colleagues at Bournemouth School for Girls have worked together to produce an assessment model that:

  • Is based on developing the key knowledge and skills required for pupil success in KS4
  • Is based on high expectations for and of pupils
  • Is based heavily on formative feedback and allows all students to develop academically– and so encourages a 'growth mindset'
  • Incorporates periodic summative assessment to support the on-going formative feedback
  • Is, we hope, simple and easy to understand – for staff, parents, students and all other stakeholders
  • Has consistent underlying principles, to be used across subjects, but possesses the flexibility to be suitable for all subjects.

Each department in the school has identified a number of assessment areas having identified the core knowledge and skills that pupils will need to master in preparation for GCSE. Assessment criteria for each subject are published below.

Students will be assessed against the criteria and current attainment will be reported to parents in progress checks and reports. A 'best fit' model will be utilised; a judgement will be made as to which of the three bands is the best description for the pupil's current learning and a plus or minus will be added if they are judged to be at the top or bottom of this band. For example, an award of Secure+ indicates that the pupil will be able to satisfy all the criteria in the 'developing' band and all or most of the criteria in the 'secure' band.

Parents should be particularly aware of the following:

The expectation is that most pupils will be 'secure' in their learning by the end of each year. This is the 'BSG standard' which, due to the nature of our school, will be significantly higher in terms of demand than the national standard. At the end of year 9, a judgement of 'secure' indicates that a pupil is 'GCSE ready' i.e. that they have a firm foundation of skills and knowledge on which to build at GCSE in that subject.

Pupils may well be 'developing', particularly in the autumn and spring progress checks. Our assessment system aims to promote dialogue between pupils, parents and teachers based upon the steps pupils can take in order to maximise their academic potential. Many departments have devised 'pupil speak' versions of the criteria for each band and use these in class when discussing work with students.

The criteria in the Assessment for Learning Grids is not intended to be a fully exhaustive list of all the requirements of the curriculum covered in that year. Rather they are intended to act as a 'route planner' to indicate the general quality of learning in each band. Teachers will give more precise verbal or written feedback during lessons and at parents' evenings.

Click here to download our Assessment for Learning grids for all subjects in year 7.

Click here to download our Assessment for Learning grids for all subjects in year 8.

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