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School Council

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The lower school and 6th form councils are run and kept working by student representatives from each form in years 7 to 13. Any pupil can voice concerns about the school or ideas for improvement through their form's council representative. Meetings of the representatives are held usually every two weeks. The council runs itself with staff supervising the meetings and adding staff views where appropriate. The council elects its own chairperson to chair the meetings and a vice-chairperson to take down the minutes and distribute them to each form. The council also construct their own constitution with rules about how the meetings must proceed and the conduct of the representatives. During the meetings pupils feed back opinions from their form regarding issues in previous summits and also about changes the student body thinks should be made to the school. The council then decide what should be done about issues raised, and can go to a number of members of staff including the head teacher.

The school councils have been involved in and improved many aspects of the school environment and community. Through the council, any pupil is free to express her opinions on the way the school is run and can be improved.