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Parent Information

This page contains information for parents. Here is the latest BSG Parent Information booklet. This booklet provides key dates and details about how the school will support your daughter's learning. To navigate directly to a section on this page click one of the following links:

Parent Communications |  SIMS Parent App |  ParentPay |  Parents' Evenings |  Free School Meals

Parent communications

In September 2018 we have changed our Management Information System (MIS) to SIMS which has given us the opportunity to use their methods for communicating with parents. Bournemouth School for Girls is no longer using Parent Mail or Parent Portal.

In Touch

The school office will now use your email address to communicate with you using In Touch – there is no need for you to register or log in to anything for In Touch, it is simply a mechanism used by the school to send emails using our MIS as the address book. This allows the school to email specific groups of parents - for example, all parents of year 10. We are also using the In Touch system to email out Progress Checks and Reports so it is vital that we have your correct email address on file. Paper copies of these reports are still sent home with pupils but electronic copies are emailed so that you have a copy to keep for your records.

Having problems receiving In Touch messages?
Some email clients send messages from Capita In Touch to the 'spam' folder. Check your junk folder for messages if you aren't receiving any emails. You could also try adding the school address to your safe senders list: 8395405@capita-intouch.co.uk. Please email Mrs Jackson kjackson@bsg.bournemouth.sch.uk with any technical queries regarding receiving In Touch messages from the school.

SIMS Parent App

SIMS have recently launched their Parent App – this allows you to see your daughter's record and important dates for the school. The app is customisable by the school and initially the school have selected that parents can see attendance, behaviour and achievement records, and crucially your contact data which can be checked. If you wish to submit additional information or change address then this is easy to do via the app. No more sending out paper copies of information for your daughter to be returned and manually corrected! This method is much more secure and confidential.

How do I sign-up?
You will be sent an invitation code when your daughter joins the school. You need to have parental responsibility and no court order on record to be invited to use the Parent app. This code is valid for 90 days. The code is one element of security – it links you to your daughter's record in SIMS. The remaining security process is to authenticate you as a user. SIMS requires you to register with an existing account you already have. The options are Office365, Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Twitter. If you don't already have one of these accounts we suggest that you create a Gmail email account to use solely for the SIMS Parent app. Here are the instructions to create a Gmail account. This is easy to set up and free. Unfortunately parents cannot use the option of SIMS ID as this is for users of the Hosted SIMS platform only which BSG do not use. Once you receive the invitation code (the email comes from noreply@sims.co.uk) use the Accept Invitation button and continue following instructions. If you already use SIMS Parent App for a child at another school, please ensure that you register with exactly the same account for BSG so that you will be able to see all your children from the same app (there is a drop down menu for name of school so that you can switch within the app from one to another). If you are not comfortable with having an app on your mobile phone then you can see all the same information on the website: https://www.sims-parent.co.uk.

SIMS Parent help pages
For more help and information use the following links:
• How do I register?
• Getting started
For any queries or support in using SIMS Parent App please do not telephone the school but contact Mrs Jackson by email kjackson@bsg.bournemouth.sch.uk. If you have forgotten your sign in details then you need to contact Microsoft, Google etc directly as SIMS do not have this information. SIMS Parent is software provided by Capita and the school may need to raise a helpdesk call to Capita on your behalf if we cannot solve the issue ourselves. However it is not possible for parents to contact Capita directly so please contact the school initially. Capita SIMS have their own Privacy Notice which can be accessed from Capita SIMS have their own Privacy Notice which can be accessed here.


ParentPay is a secure online system that allows you to make payments for school trips, lunches and other school items. This safe, well-proven technology brings the opportunity to offer a significantly improved service for parents; you can keep track of the payments you have made. It will also enable the school to process payments more quickly.

With one user name and password you can make multiple payments, for your daughter or daughters in school. The system is linked to our finance office so you can pay for school trips, cashless catering for school lunches, print credits and other payments. There is no longer any need for your daughter to bring large amounts of cash or cheques into school, with the risk of losing them. You can make a payment at any time and will always have online access to your complete payment record.

To use this service you will need a unique username and password and this can be obtained by contacting Mrs Morphy in the school office. dmorphy@bsg.bournemouth.sch.uk

Here is the link to the ParentPay website.

SchoolCloud Parents Evening

Bournemouth School for Girls is now offering an online system for booking appointments for parents' evenings using SchoolCloud software. Click here to access SchoolCloud. We are currently also using the software for video call appointments. Here is a useful guide to video appointments.

Prior to the parents' evening you will receive an email via In Touch detailing the dates and times of the evenings and when bookings will open.

How do I log-in?
In order to log in you need to enter details to match those we hold on our management information system. If you need to double check these details you can refer to the SIMS Parent App - Data Collection section. Please email Mrs Jackson kjackson@bsg.bournemouth.sch.uk in the Data office if you have any difficulty logging in to SchoolCloud. The Data office can also assist with cancelling, making and amending appointments.

How are appointments offered?
Appointments are offered on a first come first served basis – unfortunately there may be more pupils than appointments available, particularly if the teacher has more than one class. If you are unable to make an appointment you are welcome at any time to contact the teacher and request feedback. You can email the school office and mark it for the attention of….(teacher's name). If you add a telephone number and email address to your message the office will forward your email to the relevant member of teaching staff who will then be able to contact you.

Free School Meal Applications

To apply or find out if your daughter qualifies for Free School Meals please click here.

If you prefer to complete a paper form, please visit the Customer Contact Centre at the Town Hall (opening hours Monday to Thursday 9.00am to 4.30pm and Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm). Alternatively, telephone 01202 456222 (telephone opening hours are 8.30am to 5.15pm Monday to Thursday and Friday 8.30am to 4.45pm).